Thursday, October 25, 2007

I surrender all..

Every time I'm extremely happy...I run to this blog; I've been working so hard and the Lord has blessed me beyond what words can express! I mean...way,way beyond...Where was I last year?! Thank you Lord! Anyway...Now that I'm writing for all these media outlets, seems like I really gotta think before what I gotta say (write) but this blog, I just literally pour my heart out; It probably takes me 10 mins to write the same amount it takes for me to write a single paragraph anywhere else...I'm approaching my 26th birthday and I honestly am so thankful for what the Lord has done in my life this past year; I know that alot of people read this blog because of the other stuff and etc...and I feel like sometimes God has allowed me to go somewhere with my plans because he has a bigger plan...and when I say bigger, I don't necessarily mean...lots of things...but if you just think about it...the Bible says that Heaven rejoices when only one sinner repents (Luke 15:7) I mean...that's pretty big, so trust me...if anybody through this blog accepts the Lord as their sufficient and only savior..that's bigger than anything else...ok...It's now pretty late and I've been working the whole day and will probably work for part of the night but I needed to say that this has been the best year in my life because for the first time...I can actually say that I surrendered all...have you ever tried(if you haven't done it yet...) doing the same? ? It's a scary thought but from the bottom of my heart....there's nothing better than to know that the One who created heaven and earth is now taking care and "driving the car" for you. If you never visit this blog again or never remember a thing I said...remember this...Jesus loves you. God Bless, Lucas Penido.