Sunday, December 16, 2007

I have decided... follow Jesus, I have decided to follow Jesus...I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning turning back. there was a Bapitsm. There are somethings that never cease to amaze me and deeply touch me in a certain way...Baptisms are definitely one of them; The simbolic fact of someone telling the world that they are now "born again" amazes me and brings tears to my eyes; The testimonies by the people being baptized were very simple yet very touching and if I may...powerful. I can't help since we're almost days to the end of the look back and reflect...Wow...this has been the best year of my life! I found Jesus, I found love, I found a family and friends, I mean...all around, emotionally, professionally, sentimentally and most importantly...spiritually, this has been the best! Cliché? Maybe; but one thing is true..."I could sing of your love forever".
If you used to follow my old blog, you know I always posted my "New Year's resolution". I still haven't posted the one for next years but I'll tell you will be very similar to the one from this year. in other words...I'll rather be driven than pilot knows the road way too well! hehe...without any fake modesty...HE's the best!
I need to constantly remind my self of a few things though like..."I am crucified, HE lives for me", "Forgetting the things...I'll push on", "Seek the Kingdom first", "Where is your heart there's is your treasure" oh...I got something that will put this whole concept into a single sentence...
"The World Behind me...The Cross before me, The World Behind meeee..The Cross Before me...The World Behind meee...the Cross Before meee..NO TURNING BACK...NO TURNING BACK".
God Bless, Lucas Penido.