Monday, February 18, 2008


So...I was asked at an interview for this really cool blog this past week about my life as a Believer. The interviewer asked: "So...everybody knows you as the owner of one of the most famous fashion websites in Brazil...but I googled your name and found that you also have a blog that expresses your faith, who did you write that for?". So many people that read The Hype BR have also found this blog right here, was the first time that I was going to talk about it in a public way. My answer was..."Pretty much, I don't like religion...religion messes things up...however, I love Jesus and Jesus loves everyone who seeks him. "Luke Believes" expresses this aspect of my life. I didn't create it or write it for anyone in particular...I write it for anyone who's wants to read it." Well...was my answer good or bad?! Who cares... that's in my opinion secondary...however, It was crazy being sort of put against the wall for the first time because of my faith...and that's when i was like..."Wow...hey, I really have a serious responsibility here." The Lord has blessed me soooooooo much this past year, especially also coming from a year (2006) that was probably the worst one in my life and then...HE gives me this huge oportunity to not only get back on my feet but to also tell others about what and in Who I believe in. It's truly amazing! Today...I went to a Bible Study and my friend Elby gave a really good analogy of the "Omikase Style" of eating . Omikase Style, which I have only done a couple of when you allow the chef to serve you whatever he wants; Mainly because you trust him so much or you believe He's that good...that you know whatever he gives you will be great. That touched me deeply because that's how we should trust our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I personally struggled for years with that...trusting that what HE had prepared for me was THE BEST. I always felt like..."Hey, what if HE has something for me I don't really like, etc..." but I recently found that not only HE has the best...but also HE doesn't play with our feelings, He is not here to joke around...HE wants the best for us (Psalms 37: 5-6) and will prepare us somehow, emotionally, phisically, go through what HE has instore for us . could be a bit scary but I wouldn't want it any different. I always used to compare my spiritual life to a "Rollecoaster" now...I would compare it to a road with a few bumps along the way (John 16:33). The Lord has really come through as ALWAYS and when I realized all I had to do was trust????!!! It almost upsets me..haha..Why didn't I do it before?! Ok...such a cliché question but so true!. That being said...I must say that, trusting in the Lord might be a life long learning experience but honestly...Who else is also ready for that "Omikase style" spiritual cuisine? God Bless, Lucas Penido.