Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm Luke Skywalker...

I made a few serious decisions in my life this week, one of them being that no matter what it takes...I'm going to prioritize my spiritual life. (By the way, I'm already going to apologise for all the mispelling, my settings are in portuguese due to "The Hype BR" and I really don't want spell check, instead I want to write what's on my heart). Sometimes I want to come in here and write. however, it's not everyday that something "supernatural" happens (or at least is noticed) and I just don't want to come in here and bla bla bla bla bla... Tell you what, today on my devotional...I read something that deeply touched me! I knew I was meant to read that! Why? Humn...Well, it just answers so much right now. (I'm actually re-reading it right now, and I think the whole chapter would fit) but the one verse that really stuck with me is something that should be obvious but maybe because it's in the Bible it makes so much more sense and it just goes straight to the heart..well, that verse was 1st Timothy 6:7..which says "For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out". I mean...how many times have I said that among friends or in the middle of a conversation, etc...but do we truly believe that? ...and if so, do we act like we do? The Enemy is very subtle and when I think I've "mastered" on something...I realize, it's only by the the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ that I can truly do anything...especially as a young adult leaving in a world full of things that tell syou that "..You are only as important as what you have, who you are, etc..."
Forget that! I'm goning to tell you something straight up! Enough with the "glitter"! Hey, no disrespect to all my fans and people that read "The Hype Br" but my walk with my Lord needs to be my priority and if that means carrying my cross which could come in so many different ways...then, that's what I'm willing to do! I love what I do...but the Lord has been speaking so much to me lately on how my blessings have turned into a distraction and how they have opened a door/gap/whole..whatever you want to call..for the enemy to come in. Tell you what, listen/read closesly now: I'm all about Galatians 2:20...I'm crucified! I don't have the strenght to do alot but I got a father that does...and HE promised me all I gotta do is trust. I've been to both sides and I'm Luke Skywalker...I don't belong in the dark side. Fact! Pray for me as I'll do the same for you...may all i do, all my talent, whatever...be used for the glory of my Lord and only savior JESUS. God Bless, Lucas Penido. (To the sound of André Valadão...I've heard this song 44 times in the past 24 hours..it's called "I can't see you" and the chorus goes like "I Can't See you but I just know/ You are the "I AM"/Can't see you but I know Who you are...Alpha and Omega."