Friday, July 11, 2008

COOLNESS IS A PERSON! (And it's not me)

Wow...haven't been here in a minute! Sometimes I pinch myself, "Lord, do I deserve it all?". Obviously, not. What would it be of me (us) if it wasn't for HIS grace? It's so funny that now, since all eyes are on me, I got to watch what I say...or how I say things; However, with my Abba Father, is different. Very different, I can just pour my heart out and say whatever is on my mind. You know, this my sound obvious to whoever that's reading this blog , but I've been through times in my life, that I felt my sins were soooo huge that I was very ashamed of what to tell my Lord, and that led to a long period of no direct communication.

I just found out this past week that I am what you would label, a "subjective" person. You I mentioned above, it's pretty hard for me sometimes to believe that the Lord's work is done. Period. Like I said, sometimes I felt my sins were so above anything that was "forgivable". Oh...but that's another new area in my life! I AM FREE! Seriously, you know how that feels???? I do! (Try to follow my thoughts, cause I'm writing as I think)...Once you accept the Lord Jesus Christ, as your savior and you know he died that terrible death for you...than, it's done! When God looks at you, he sees the blood of HIS son, not your sins!!! I am trying to be as most straight foward as I can, for one reason only...I know that lots of people now, check this blog, because of my work and what I do....HOWEVER... I can't stress enough, that You might see me in magazines, and you might hear about me here and there, but honestly...THE BIGGEST TREASURE IN MY LIFE IS JESUS CHRIST. Yes! The "cool" guy you see on the magazines and hear about, LOVES JESUS! You think is corny? Well...I respect your opinion, but I'd love for you to try and see what that TRUE COOLNESS is peace! COOLNESS is knowing someone has done the work of taking all your sins away! COOLNESS is not the material things you have in this life, but the ETERNAL THINGS YOU'LL HAVE FOREVER! COOLNESS IS A PERSON...AND THAT PERSON IS JESUS CHRIST! Want to try coolness? Talk to HIM like you would talk to a friend, no need to calculate your words..after all, He already knows what's inside your heart! Try it...and then send me an email letting me know how it has affected your life! THE COOLEST GUY IN THE WORLD, aka JESUS CHRIST....LOVES YOU! God Bless, Lucas Penido.