Friday, January 2, 2009


Ok...So here we are once again! First of...i want to apologize for two things right away: Not posting on this blog for quite sometime...and all the grammar mistakes I'll probably make writing this post! Now...let's move on.

Ooook...what a better opportunity than a new year's resolution list to write a "come back" post?
For the past 4 years in a row...I've been writing them and posting it on some of my this time is no different! I've had many resolutions...most achieved, some not...some meaningful, some just plain "cliché"(2004: "I want to be in the best shape ever") none the we are again!
I have one resolution this year...and it's probably the hardest one so far...if not EVER! (Drum roll please...) "...and the resolution iiiiis: TO OBEY"! read it right! I have one new year's resolution...I want to obey my Lord and savior Jesus Christ! know how hard that is?! I'll tell you what...recently, I've noticed that most of my prayers, requests and so on...have already been answered! All I needed to do was OBEY! "Please Lord, I don't want to do this!" or "Please Lord...take this away from me"...THEY HAD ALL BEEN ANSWERED! All I needed was to obey...and that's when the problem comes in!
As a human being...our flesh, will, feelings, soul...etc... doen't want to do what GOD wants for many reasons; "it hurts" , "it's not pleasent", bla bla bla bla...but at the end of the day, THAT IS the solution! It seems like I've been writing in circles and repeating myself throughout this whole paragraph...but I can't stress much life would've been easier if all I had done was obeyed the Lord's voice, or do HIS will and not mine! Weeeeell...on a good side, I'll tell you what: I've OBEYED before!!! Yes...I've done it! I'll tell you...sometimes it's easy, sometimes it huuuurts...but, at all times...there's no better feeling in having peace and knowing that the "best driver in the world is in control of the car" (destiny) (yeees, if you didn't know...I'm corny with my metaphors!). A great example is our man Abraham...whom obeyed by leaving everything behind and going to a place he didn't even know, or Joshua...waiting on the Lord, or humn...Jesus Christ himself, by dying for me and you! Great things happen when we do what the Lord wants and for that... obeying is key! Soooo...there you go! That's my only new year's resolution! If you are reading me in I'll do the same for you if you don't mind dropping me an email just so I know your name, nickname, etc....

Once again, I apologize for the mistakes...since I'm writing this as it the words are coming to mind!

God Bless and I wish you all and OBEDIENT 2009!

Lucas Penido.